Make Something: Window

makesomething-windowToday’s make something prompt—to make an artificial window—had me stumped. Maybe I was too absorbed in consulting assignments, getting the kids to extracurricular activities, or deciding how much we can afford to spend on orthodontic care.

Whatever the reason, when I tried to marry this assignment with my theme of “words,” I came up blank.

Something had to give.

So I released the theme and contemplated a blank wall. Since remodeling our basement last year, I’ve not gotten around to adding artwork to the family room. We have a lot of blank wall space.

“How could I add a window to that surface?” I wondered.

Like a flash of light (from a flashlight, in fact), the idea finally came. This has nothing whatsoever to do with words. But with my husband wielding the camera, my daughter posing the puppet, and me holding a picture frame outfitted with a paper grid, we made something cool. And that’s enough for today.


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