Make Something: Carved

Today’s make something challenge was to carve something other than a pumpkin. The girls wanted in on the action. It’s been awhile since they took interest, so this was a fun change of pace.

We raided the kitchen and found:

  • An apple for Emma
  • A radish for Hannah
  • A sweet potato for me

We mined the drawers for several “carving tools”—a variety of knives, peelers, a melon baller, a zester—and set to work, independently.

As usual, they finished before me. Hannah wound up with a beautiful white radish rose, and Emma prevailed at completely hollowing an apple into a cup (a feat I would not have even attempted).

Me? I made a weird little guy with a pointy hat.


This project has no connection whatsoever to my theme of “words.” So what? It’s Friday night. Time to set aside to-do lists, make some popcorn, and relax together. No words required.


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