Make Something: Pet Love Song

Completely by coincidence on this Valentine’s Day, the make something prompt invites me to write a love song. But not just any love song. A love song about a pet.

We recently added a third cat to our family—a move prompted by my husband Jim, who professed hatred for cats until the summer of 2012. Late in August that year, he turned to me one morning and said we should get a cat. We went to the Humane Society and got two: Frankie and Dash.


Very quickly, Jim discovered he did not hate cats, after all. In fact, he thinks they’re cool. So cool that a few weeks ago he told me we needed more. That’s when we added Mojo to the family.


I think we’re done now. Three cats eat a lot of food, make a lot of poop, and leave a lot of hair on clothing and furniture.

But they’re so cool. It’s hard to imagine life without them.

(you know the tune)

Imagine there’s no Frankie
Standing in the sink
Meowing for the faucet
To trickle forth her drink.
Imagine sleeping soundly
No cat in your face …

Imagine we had no Dash
Flopping at our feet
No purring fat cat
With never enough to eat.
Imagine no more cat hair
Clinging to your clothes …

These cats rule our household
And we give them all they want.
Their charm is oh so powerful
Even when they’re nonchalant.

Imagine life without Mojo.
We’d miss his smelly farts.
No midnight pouncing
And biting body parts.
Imagine taking a shower
Without his big green eyes …

These cats rule our household
And we give them what they need.
I’m sure they think they own us
And we’re the lesser breed.

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