Make Something: Outdoors In

“Make somewhere outdoors seem like it is indoors.”

Confession: I did not enjoy this prompt. It’s so cold outside, and I just didn’t want to go out there to do the making. The more grumpy and stubborn I became about that, the harder it was to be creative about alternative approaches. So the resulting image, below, is an act of desperation as much as ingenuity.

Thankfully, my daughter Hannah started looking over my shoulder while I struggled with images. Her interest in the process, and her ideas for bringing the work together, made the project more fun. And though I’m not completely in love with the outcome, I’m happy to have spent this time problem-solving with a creative young person.

makesomething-outdoors-inAnd you know what? As I think about what we created, I realize it’s a fair representation of what “coming home” means to me. When our garage door opens, and I know I’m home for the night or the weekend, I feel the sort of relief and restful peace suggested by that lovely sunset.


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