Make Something: With Squares

Today’s make something recommendation was to work only with squares.

None the wiser, I opted for a very tedious approach:

  1. I found a simple image of a glowing lightbulb, which I uploaded to, a free online editor.
  2. In the “adjust” menu, I chose “pixelate,” which converted the clean lines of my image to chunky little squares. I raised the number as high as I could while still keeping the shape recognizable.
  3. I printed the resulting image as large as possible, then painstakingly recreated the pixelated image on blank graph paper, using several colored
    pencils to (sort of) represent the shading of the pixels.
  4. I shooed family members away when they tried to talk to me. This process required careful concentration and counting—neither of which are my strong suits!
  5. When the image was finished, I realized I neglected to include my theme of “words.” So I improvised a simple word at the bottom of the page.

The outcome is funky and cool, and I like it, especially at a distance. But I’m in no big rush to try this again.



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