Make Something: Sticky Notes

This is yet another one of those days when I bucked my make something theme of “words.” Last time this was the case, my sister pointed out that words only exist between the spaces. I’ve taken that to heart. Today I used space to play. Tomorrow, the words will return.

* * *

Today’s make something prompt was a question: “What can you do with a pad of sticky notes?”

As a writer, there are so many things I could do. If I had any courage at all, today I would have used them to outline the nonfiction book I’ve been saying I will write … someday.

I didn’t do that.

As a mom, I could use sticky notes in umpteen creative ways to organize my household for the week, encourage creative discussion amongst members of my family, or even decorate a room.

I didn’t do any of those things either.

Instead, I played.

I grabbed a bright orange pad of large, rectangular sticky notes, pulled one sheet from the stack, and gently doubled it so the stickiness adhered to the opposite edge, but without creasing the fold. The result was a fun shape: a teardrop or a petal or a leaf or a paisley …

I made a couple more of these tubes. The set looked just as interesting when I snuggled them together as they did on their own.

But the pieces felt too long to be workable.

So I sliced them into nearly-uniform segments, roughly three-eighths of an inch wide. Now they really looked like petals, and they begged to be joined. I ran for a needle and embroidery floss, and started stringing the paper loops onto the thread. Before long, I had stitched together two sticky notes worth of loops.

And then the shaping began. Very quickly, I discovered three different configurations that made me happy (others were just not as pleasing).

I see so much potential for this idea. I know my daughters and I will have fun creating sticky-not gift bows, ornaments, sun catchers, garland … so many possibilities! No words required.

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