Make Something: Hardware

“Work only with items that would be found in a hardware store today.”

I love hardware stores. Really, what can’t you get there?

Years ago, when I was working my way through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way the first or second time, I spent a long artist’s date all by myself at Ace Hardware. Each and every aisle offers products and supplies with untold potential. I wandered and inspected and studied and learned. Even without making a purchase, I left that store inspired and eager to create.

Today there was no time for a trip to Ace. Thankfully, my husband has brought much of the hardware store into our home. His corner-of-the-garage workshop is well stocked and—thanks to this brutal winter and a mighty space heater—beautifully organized.

So, when my daughter Hannah got home from school, she and I ventured out to the workbench to see what word we could make from hardware on hand. What fun, studying the pegboard, standing on tiptoe to see the high shelves, and poking into Jim’s tiny bins, all perfectly labeled. We chatted and explored and collaborated to make this:


And when we were done, we put everything back exactly where we found it. I promise, Jim.

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