Make Something: Wheel Chart

Today’s make something assignment was a puzzler. I spent about an hour figuring out how to size and stack the circles, then position the options and the openings to reveal them. And still my wheel doesn’t work perfectly.


But it’s close enough. And I love the principle behind it.

On the outer ring, you choose one of eight creative actions: write a paragraph about, make a list about, draw a picture of …

In the the next circle, you select one of eight characters: a dancer, your neighbor, a pig …

And finally, you reveal one of eight activities: giving or taking advice, grocery shopping, taking a day off …

I handed the wheel to my daughters, and they arranged the prompts to discover challenges that interested each of them. Hannah would draw a picture of a snake seeing a reflection. Emma would write a paragraph about a lunatic grocery shopping.


Spring break is in progress. Maybe I’ll urge the kids to use this wheel a time or two before they return to school. Good creative practice, right?

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